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Rave Perfume Now Rouge Eau de Perfume 100ml

Rave Perfume Now Rouge Eau de Perfume 100ml

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Top Notes: Resins, Herbs, Balsamic Notes, Floral Notes, Woody Notes, Sandalwood, Iris

Rave Now Rouge puts you in the middle of a forest where you will be flooded with green, invigorating aromas. The soft, balsamic breeze with hints of resins and flowers fills you with joy and brings you into the present. The aroma of green forest, wood, herbs and flowers in Now Rouge is a delight for the modern woman who wants to get away from it all and feel the freshness, elegance and refinement of a perfect fragrance for hot days!

Now blush matches office/business outfits and helps you maintain a professional, elegant image that expresses security and stability. Let yourself be seduced by the strong and persistent olfactory character of the Arabic, floral, fruity, fresh perfume through its unique notes

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