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Ard al Zaafaran

Ard Al Zaafaran Perfume Mousuf Brown Eau de Parfum 100ml

Ard Al Zaafaran Perfume Mousuf Brown Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Experience the luxurious depth of Ard Al Zaafaran Perfume Mousuf Brown, a distinguished eau de parfum housed in a 100ml bottle of pure aromatic elegance. This enticing fragrance opens with the unique top notes of chocolate and grape, blending a luscious sweetness with a hint of fruity sophistication that captivates from the first spritz.

The journey into the heart of the fragrance unveils a powerful core of oud and musk, delivering a rich and enveloping aura. This combination creates an irresistibly deep and earthy middle, making each moment more memorable than the last.

Completing the sensory experience, the base notes of floral hints, toffee, and tobacco merge seamlessly to offer a warm, sweet finish with a touch of smoky intrigue. Ard Al Zaafaran Perfume Mousuf Brown is a true masterpiece of scent craftsmanship, perfect for those who seek a fragrance that balances unique sweetness with profound depth, leaving a lasting, unforgettable impression.

  • Top notes: Chocolate-Grape Scent
  • Middle notes: Oud, Musk
  • Base notes: Floral, Toffee, Tobacco
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